Hello, World! 👋

I'm Tom, a web developer and user advocate. I believe in making the web accessible, performant, and easy to use.

My professional development experience extends into the mobile and native mobile world (ReactNative) and includes deployment and automation infrastructure. Recently I have been splitting my development time with mentorship, teaching, and skill leadership.

I write here, share my photography on Instagam, tweet at @_tbremer and commit to open source on GitHub.



Starting in 2022 I am cataloging the books that I read/listen to.

Title, Author(s)GenreFormatCompleted Near

Warmth: coming of age at the end of our world

Daniel Sherrell

Environmentalism, Literary Criticism, Memoir, Non-FictioneBook3/18/2022

Powder Burn

Carl Hiaasen

Fiction, Thriller, Crime FictionAudio3/25/2022

The Ministry for the Future

Kim Stanley Robinson

Environmentalism, Speculative Fiction, FictionAudio4/15/2022

A Take for the Time Being

Ruth Ozeki

Metafiction, FictionPaperback11/6/2022